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Thrive in life while doing good in the world

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How can we all live meaningful and healthy lives while doing good in the world? And how on earth can we do this in a rapidly changing, uncertain and disconnected world, shaped by the metacrisis? is a process to explore questions like these, and find pathways towards futures with wellbeing for all within the means of the planet.

This is an invitation to deepen your connection with yourself, other people and the living Earth.

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This is a collaborative project, created by and for people and communites working towards a wellbeing economy, in service of life.

On this website, you will find the process, an emerging library of resources and a collection of activities. We are also developing a suite of free and open source apps to help you along your journey of learning, exploration and action.

The process

Pathways towards how we all can live well while doing good in the world.


Resource library

Books, podcasts, videos (and more) about the metacrisis and how we can create a better future.

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Ways to engage with the process, both personally and together with others.

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The process

The Tree of Reconnection, featuring a lush green scenery, deep in a forest. At the center is a large tree with many branches. On each of the major branches is a text label representing the 5 branches of the process: Reclaim, Reflect, Reconnect, Reimagine and Regenerate. Of these five branches, Reconnect is actually at the root of the tree (symbolising connection to the root system).

The Tree of Reconnection

Change starts within and is both personal and collective. By collaborating, we empower ourselves and each other to thrive in life while doing good in the world - very similar to how trees in the forest work together to create resilient and healthy ecosystems.

There are five branches of learning and practice to help turn the metacrisis from an abstract threat into actionable pathways towards a better future.


To change culture and economics towards wellbeing for all within the means of the planet, we first of all need to create conditions that make change possible. This is something we need to do together: reclaiming our time, energy, attention, agency and socioeconomic conditions. Start with yourself, and then support others to do the same.

Over time, this empowers us to thrive in life while engaging further in ways that feel right for us. This part of the process is key to help us shift our mindsets from mere consumers to active citizens and co-creators of the future.


To develop as a person it is important to reflect about – among others – your values, your behaviours, your relationship to yourself, relationships with other people and your relationship to the living ecosystems. As a help, you can find a collection of questions on this website. You can do it by yourself, but we encourage you do to this together with other people.

Part of the Reflect branch is also to learn more about how the complex world is working and how things are connected. Be curious and explore the different resources in the library, and other resources which you find interesting!


Many of the world's problems today stem from a deep disconnection - from ourselves, from other people and from the living planet.

Therefore it is important to reconnect to what matters:

  • Reconnect with yourself: become aware of what you feel in your body. Recognise your thoughts, feelings, what you need to thrive in life and what you find meaningful.
  • Reconnect with other people, both locally and globally, and recognise their needs, and become aware of how they are interconnected with your life.
  • Reconnect with other living beings and with the living planet.


"We cannot create what we can't imagine." — Lucille Clifton

As the metacrisis unfolds and the world seems increasingly unstable, it's easy to get distracted and feel stuck with doom and gloom. However, one of the most important forms of constructive action is to envision a better future, and to explore and experiment with pathways towards it.

By focusing on what we want to create rather than on what we try to avoid, we become much more effective changemakers. The good news is that the process of reimaging the future is a skill we can practice, and there are plenty of resources and activities to get inspiration.


Create what you have imagined. Make the world a better place. It's not enough to reduce our negative footprint – we need to increase our positive handprint. It is not enough to do things sustainably – we need to make a net positive impact.

If we can participate in regenerative actions at all levels (individual, in communities and for the living planet) we will get positive feedback loops and we strengthen the capacity to do even more positive actions in the future.


To make it easier to engage with and participate in the process, we need to go beyond the thinking dimension and learn together with peers. The community has gathered and experimented with different types of activities that makes the process of change both social and fun. After all, this is not just about surviving - but thriving!

The library of activities includes everything from workshops and learning circles to creative sessions and civic tech hackathons. Just like the resource library, the activities are co-created by and for the community. Welcome to share your favourite ways of engaging!

Our free and open source apps

To make this journey more fun, engaging and accessible, we're designing and developing free and open source apps. Like all our projects, these are co-created by and for the community. Welcome to contribute with feedback, ideas, and improvements!

Life Wheel screenshot

Life Wheel

Reflect on your life balance. Visualise your progress over time and reconnect to what matters in your life. Make reflection a habit and gain new insights for your wellbeing. Try it together with a friend or partner for a more meaningful time together.

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Mental Health & Inner Development with a Supportive Community. Aware is a new free app from the non-profit 29k, with open or private, hosted live sessions for mental health, wellbeing and inner development. Developed by Psychologists.